“Never thought I would imag­ine myself look­ing for­ward to get­ting waxed, but here I am. I went for a last minute bikini wax before vaca­tion and 1 year later I find myself there at least two times a month for what­ever the sea­son calls me to be get­ting done. It is my place of escape after a day at work or a day home with the hubby. Even though it is an hour round trip for me to get here, I wouldn’t even think of going any­where else. The com­mute is well worth it for the atmos­phere, the degree of wax­ing (You should have seen my eye­brows before I let Chee Chee get a hold of them) and the per­son­al­i­ties you will find at SoHo.” –Jil­lian R.
“I have been look­ing around and check­ing out places where men can get the same treat­ment as women and I came to Soho Urban Wax. Chee Chee is a fun per­son with knowl­edge of dif­fer­ent skin types when it comes to wax­ing, this was my first time being waxed and it was GREAT! I would and will rec­om­mend Soho Urban Wax to all my friends that want a pleas­ant and pain less expe­ri­ence.” –Harry G.
“Best wax place!  The owner, Chee Chee is a very pro­fes­sional yet very per­son­able woman. The staff is very accom­mo­dat­ing.  Chee Chee takes the time with each client to assure them they get the best treat­ment.  It’s a very clean spa which also sells really cute gifts for your­self or friends.  Chee Chee also saved my eye­brows! They were not so good when I walked in and she shaped them beau­ti­fully. I highly rec­om­mend SoHo Urban Wax!!” –Karen B.
“Being a male client I was a bit ner­vous my first time. My best friend had rec­om­mended I see Chee Chee at Soho Urban Wax for my very first wax­ing expe­ri­ence. I called one morn­ing and was sur­prised I was able to be accom­mo­dated that same day!

Upon walk­ing in I was imme­di­ately put at ease by the clean and relax­ing envi­ron­ment of the place. I was wel­comed in by friendly staff and was quickly attended to by Chee Chee for my waxing.

Chee Chee is phe­nom­e­nal! She is incred­i­bly upbeat and fun, which all made my first wax­ing expe­ri­ence a breeze.

I love Soho Urban Wax and con­tinue to use them to this day for any of my wax­ing needs!” — Eric S.

“I first heard about Soho through a friend a few years ago. I was con­sid­er­ing wax­ing but had never done it before. Well, she did not hes­i­tate to rec­om­mend (she actu­ally raved about it) this place to me. I have been going on and off for a few years and have never been dis­ap­pointed. I have sen­si­tive skin but never break out after­wards. Chee Chee always jokes around and makes me feel at ease. I feel like she’s part ther­a­pist some of the time 😉 Where else can you go and there is wine in the wait­ing room for some of us who are not so brave 🙂 all in all, great place, great ser­vice, great peo­ple. Would highly rec­om­mend it.” –Caryn P.
“Soho is a great place to go to find cour­tesy, pro­fes­sion­al­ism and ser­vice. Chee Chee is sec­ond to none. From the moment you walk in you feel like fam­ily. She is flex­i­ble and always rearranges her sched­ule to accom­mo­date. Afford­abil­ity and per­fect results make this place the best wax on LI!” –Mike J.
“If you are look­ing for a place to get a nice, clean, com­fort­able, and pain­less wax you need to visit Soho Urban Wax!!  I have been going there for about a year now and I wouldn’t go any­where else!  Staff is great with call­ing to remind you of your next appoint­ment and Chee Chee the owner is AMAZING!! She is very per­son­able and funny.  I would highly rec­om­mend this place to every­one!!” –Ellie G.
“Very nice place.  Nice and relax­ing atmosphere.

The staff is very pro­fes­sional yet down to earth.  I felt very com­fort­able through­out my entire expe­ri­ence.  They do excel­lent work in very clean, pri­vate rooms.  They really know what they’re doing.  Their prices are very rea­son­able and they have lots of spe­cials includ­ing stu­dent discounts.

Call them and set up an appoint­ment today!  I am going back next month, I highly rec­om­mend this place.” –Andrew S.

“I been com­ing to see Chee Chee for about a year now, since I relo­cated from Florida I was look­ing for a place that is clean, pro­fes­sional, and with a waxer who had a great per­son­al­ity, and I found soho! Chee Chee made me feel com­fort­able, she made my wax expe­ri­ence pain­less and some­thing to look for­ward every month. I would rec­om­mend this estab­lish­ment to any­one. Is clean, mod­ern, and most impor­tant pro­fes­sional.” –Maria A.
“I usu­ally like to hold on to my 5stars but as I try to think of a rea­son why this place wouldn’t be 5 star wor­thy.. I come up with noth­ing! It’s small and inti­mate, the owner is the only one that does the wax­ing and the desk girls are always so kind. I have been there twice and I’m due soon for my 3rd visit. It’s always SO clean, smells good and I have never had trou­ble get­ting an appoint­ment. They have a cozy wait­ing area with wine and the rooms are dimmed to make the ambiance com­fort­able. Let’s face it! We all don’t want to admit we have hair we hate in cer­tain areas, that’s why we wax. And yes it can be painful (the more I wax the less it hurts..she’ll explain all that good stuff once you’re there) but I do admit she makes it as com­fort­able as pos­si­ble! She’s a joke­ster and I love that. Who else can make you laugh while telling you to spread wide? CHEE CHEE. This place is hon­estly great!

For those who com­plained about the hours not fit­ting your sched­ule, it’s an estab­lish­ment! Wel­come to the world where not every­thing has to cater to your every need. How­ever this place does work with your sched­ule. And I have never been burned.” –Vale­ria L.

“Best Brazil­ian coast to coast. Even bet­ter than Vegas land of Brazi­lans. Chee Chee keeps it close to pain­less and she is hilar­i­ous, and wise.” –Laura M.
“We started going to Chee Chee about three months ago. I take my two teens to get their eye­brows done and I get my brows and lip. The salon is super clean. I find Chee Chee and Sarah to be very pro­fes­sional. My daugh­ters like it there because it doesn’t hurt and I like it because their brows have a nice healthy shape. I would absolutely rec­om­mend this salon to any­one. Chee Chee knows exactly what she is doing. Glad to find a local place that does such a good job.” –Pat M.
“I adore the ladies of Soho Urban Wax! Chee Chee and Sarah are both amaz­ing ladies, super friendly, easy to talk to, relat­able, kind, I can go on and on. I love that I can book and con­firm appoint­ments via Face­book Mes­sen­ger. Being super busy, I appre­ci­ate that I can do that. I also appre­ci­ate the care that Chee Chee takes when going through the wax­ing process. She’s incred­i­bly thor­ough. We chat through­out the entire wax­ing and before I know it, we’re done. It’s a great atmos­phere and envi­ron­ment. I HIGHLY rec­om­mend see­ing them for your wax­ing needs.” –Rachel A.
“Chee Chee is a true pro­fes­sional. As i aged, hair stopped grow­ing on my head and started grow­ing on my ears. Chee Chee has been wax­ing my ears for the past year and i couldn’t be hap­pier with the ser­vice.” –Joe S.
“Get­ting a Brazil­ian has always been one of those things that as an adult I dreaded.  Sto­ries of how painful it is just never really appealed to me. Until I found Soho.  I will be the first to admit I was hes­i­tant and very much still tense and even embar­rassed about the whole thing.  But, Chee Chee put every­thing at ease by first say­ing, “You don’t have any­thing that I haven’t seen 20 times a day.  Just relax.”  I guess only my ob/gyn and Chee Chee have seen more of me than I really care for, but it’s all worth it. I’m Latina, so I know I make her work when­ever I go. How­ever, it is pain­less and quick. She makes me feel com­fort­able with her care­free ban­ter.  And just so you know, no sub­ject is off lim­its when you’re already spread open for some­one with hot wax near your pre­cious gems. And at Soho, this is truly the case.  Our con­ver­sa­tions are like ther­apy.  Our laughs are like a night at a com­edy club. Next thing you know, she’s done and you’re smooth. She makes me feel at ease every sin­gle time.    And, she’s the most pro­fes­sional per­son I know.  She’s very dis­creet. The salon is clean.  The staff is amaz­ing with their follow-ups and appoint­ment sched­ul­ing.  They truly try to accom­mo­date all their clients by stay­ing late.  She’s so amaz­ing that I send all my friends and even my daugh­ter goes to her. Before you go any­where else, stop at Soho and you’ll never com­plain about wax­ing again.  Thanks Chee Chee! (and my hus­band thanks you too, :-))” –Lucy T.
“Love, love , soho urban wax. Mostly i love the fact they have wine. Come on ! Wax­ing ses­sion , great ambi­ence , great staff  and wine . it’s Priceless!

Not only is Chee Chee great at what she does , but she’s also great at mak­ing you  feel com­fort­able. The wax  and prod­ucts  used here  is the best.  The ded­i­ca­tion  with every client is the best. The minute you walk into this place theres atten­tion to your needs. The minute you walk out , you leave with a new life time friend. The atmos­phere at Soho urban wax is like hang­ing out with your girl­friend. The pro­fes­sion­al­ism  at soho is why I always go back.” — P. F.

“Good after­noon.  I am pro­vid­ing feed­back on my recent visit to your bou­tique.  Lau­ren was very pleas­ant and friendly and gen­tle!  I think she will do very well at your shop with your guid­ance.  I have been get­ting waxed for years and I am always impressed by your explaina­tion as to why you do the things you do. Thank you for your ser­vices.  Have a great week­end.”  - Nicole A
“I came in for an eye­brow wax­ing yes­ter­day with Lau­ren Kelly. I had never been to Soho Urban Wax before and was very happy with my expe­ri­ence. Not only is the salon adorable and very com­fort­able but Lau­ren is a sweet­heart. She was extremely pro­fes­sional and took great care of me. Lau­ren is a lovely girl who made my eye­brows look amaz­ing. Very happy with my expe­ri­ence. I will def­i­nitely be com­ing back!” — Bethany