“Never thought I would imagine myself looking forward to getting waxed, but here I am. I went for a last minute bikini wax before vacation and 1 year later I find myself there at least two times a month for whatever the season calls me to be getting done. It is my place of escape after a day at work or a day home with the hubby. Even though it is an hour round trip for me to get here, I wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else. The commute is well worth it for the atmosphere, the degree of waxing (You should have seen my eyebrows before I let Chee Chee get a hold of them) and the personalities you will find at SoHo.” -Jillian R.
“I have been looking around and checking out places where men can get the same treatment as women and I came to Soho Urban Wax. Chee Chee is a fun person with knowledge of different skin types when it comes to waxing, this was my first time being waxed and it was GREAT! I would and will recommend Soho Urban Wax to all my friends that want a pleasant and pain less experience.” -Harry G.
“Best wax place!  The owner, Chee Chee is a very professional yet very personable woman. The staff is very accommodating.  Chee Chee takes the time with each client to assure them they get the best treatment.  It’s a very clean spa which also sells really cute gifts for yourself or friends.  Chee Chee also saved my eyebrows! They were not so good when I walked in and she shaped them beautifully. I highly recommend SoHo Urban Wax!!” -Karen B.
“Being a male client I was a bit nervous my first time. My best friend had recommended I see Chee Chee at Soho Urban Wax for my very first waxing experience. I called one morning and was surprised I was able to be accommodated that same day!

Upon walking in I was immediately put at ease by the clean and relaxing environment of the place. I was welcomed in by friendly staff and was quickly attended to by Chee Chee for my waxing.

Chee Chee is phenomenal! She is incredibly upbeat and fun, which all made my first waxing experience a breeze.

I love Soho Urban Wax and continue to use them to this day for any of my waxing needs!” – Eric S.

“I first heard about Soho through a friend a few years ago. I was considering waxing but had never done it before. Well, she did not hesitate to recommend (she actually raved about it) this place to me. I have been going on and off for a few years and have never been disappointed. I have sensitive skin but never break out afterwards. Chee Chee always jokes around and makes me feel at ease. I feel like she’s part therapist some of the time 😉 Where else can you go and there is wine in the waiting room for some of us who are not so brave 🙂 all in all, great place, great service, great people. Would highly recommend it.” -Caryn P.
“Soho is a great place to go to find courtesy, professionalism and service. Chee Chee is second to none. From the moment you walk in you feel like family. She is flexible and always rearranges her schedule to accommodate. Affordability and perfect results make this place the best wax on LI!” -Mike J.
“If you are looking for a place to get a nice, clean, comfortable, and painless wax you need to visit Soho Urban Wax!!  I have been going there for about a year now and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!  Staff is great with calling to remind you of your next appointment and Chee Chee the owner is AMAZING!! She is very personable and funny.  I would highly recommend this place to everyone!!” -Ellie G.
“Very nice place.  Nice and relaxing atmosphere.

The staff is very professional yet down to earth.  I felt very comfortable throughout my entire experience.  They do excellent work in very clean, private rooms.  They really know what they’re doing.  Their prices are very reasonable and they have lots of specials including student discounts.

Call them and set up an appointment today!  I am going back next month, I highly recommend this place.” -Andrew S.

“I been coming to see Chee Chee for about a year now, since I relocated from Florida I was looking for a place that is clean, professional, and with a waxer who had a great personality, and I found soho! Chee Chee made me feel comfortable, she made my wax experience painless and something to look forward every month. I would recommend this establishment to anyone. Is clean, modern, and most important professional.” -Maria A.
“I usually like to hold on to my 5stars but as I try to think of a reason why this place wouldn’t be 5 star worthy.. I come up with nothing! It’s small and intimate, the owner is the only one that does the waxing and the desk girls are always so kind. I have been there twice and I’m due soon for my 3rd visit. It’s always SO clean, smells good and I have never had trouble getting an appointment. They have a cozy waiting area with wine and the rooms are dimmed to make the ambiance comfortable. Let’s face it! We all don’t want to admit we have hair we hate in certain areas, that’s why we wax. And yes it can be painful (the more I wax the less it hurts..she’ll explain all that good stuff once you’re there) but I do admit she makes it as comfortable as possible! She’s a jokester and I love that. Who else can make you laugh while telling you to spread wide? CHEE CHEE. This place is honestly great!

For those who complained about the hours not fitting your schedule, it’s an establishment! Welcome to the world where not everything has to cater to your every need. However this place does work with your schedule. And I have never been burned.” -Valeria L.

“Best Brazilian coast to coast. Even better than Vegas land of Brazilans. Chee Chee keeps it close to painless and she is hilarious, and wise.” -Laura M.
“We started going to Chee Chee about three months ago. I take my two teens to get their eyebrows done and I get my brows and lip. The salon is super clean. I find Chee Chee and Sarah to be very professional. My daughters like it there because it doesn’t hurt and I like it because their brows have a nice healthy shape. I would absolutely recommend this salon to anyone. Chee Chee knows exactly what she is doing. Glad to find a local place that does such a good job.” -Pat M.
“I adore the ladies of Soho Urban Wax! Chee Chee and Sarah are both amazing ladies, super friendly, easy to talk to, relatable, kind, I can go on and on. I love that I can book and confirm appointments via Facebook Messenger. Being super busy, I appreciate that I can do that. I also appreciate the care that Chee Chee takes when going through the waxing process. She’s incredibly thorough. We chat throughout the entire waxing and before I know it, we’re done. It’s a great atmosphere and environment. I HIGHLY recommend seeing them for your waxing needs.” -Rachel A.
“Chee Chee is a true professional. As i aged, hair stopped growing on my head and started growing on my ears. Chee Chee has been waxing my ears for the past year and i couldn’t be happier with the service.” -Joe S.
“Getting a Brazilian has always been one of those things that as an adult I dreaded.  Stories of how painful it is just never really appealed to me. Until I found Soho.  I will be the first to admit I was hesitant and very much still tense and even embarrassed about the whole thing.  But, Chee Chee put everything at ease by first saying, “You don’t have anything that I haven’t seen 20 times a day.  Just relax.”  I guess only my ob/gyn and Chee Chee have seen more of me than I really care for, but it’s all worth it. I’m Latina, so I know I make her work whenever I go. However, it is painless and quick. She makes me feel comfortable with her carefree banter.  And just so you know, no subject is off limits when you’re already spread open for someone with hot wax near your precious gems. And at Soho, this is truly the case.  Our conversations are like therapy.  Our laughs are like a night at a comedy club. Next thing you know, she’s done and you’re smooth. She makes me feel at ease every single time.    And, she’s the most professional person I know.  She’s very discreet. The salon is clean.  The staff is amazing with their follow-ups and appointment scheduling.  They truly try to accommodate all their clients by staying late.  She’s so amazing that I send all my friends and even my daughter goes to her. Before you go anywhere else, stop at Soho and you’ll never complain about waxing again.  Thanks Chee Chee! (and my husband thanks you too, :-))” -Lucy T.
“Love, love , soho urban wax. Mostly i love the fact they have wine. Come on ! Waxing session , great ambience , great staff  and wine . it’s Priceless!

Not only is Chee Chee great at what she does , but she’s also great at making you  feel comfortable. The wax  and products  used here  is the best.  The dedication  with every client is the best. The minute you walk into this place theres attention to your needs. The minute you walk out , you leave with a new life time friend. The atmosphere at Soho urban wax is like hanging out with your girlfriend. The professionalism  at soho is why I always go back.” – P. F.

“Good afternoon.  I am providing feedback on my recent visit to your boutique.  Lauren was very pleasant and friendly and gentle!  I think she will do very well at your shop with your guidance.  I have been getting waxed for years and I am always impressed by your explaination as to why you do the things you do. Thank you for your services.  Have a great weekend.”  – Nicole A
“I came in for an eyebrow waxing yesterday with Lauren Kelly. I had never been to Soho Urban Wax before and was very happy with my experience. Not only is the salon adorable and very comfortable but Lauren is a sweetheart. She was extremely professional and took great care of me. Lauren is a lovely girl who made my eyebrows look amazing. Very happy with my experience. I will definitely be coming back!” – Bethany