Child Safety Policy

To our Current and Future Clients of Soho Urban Wax,


I am writing this notice with the utmost respect to the parents in our boutique.  I am a parent myself and understand that this can be a sensitive issue.  Moving forward, I will be implementing a new policy regarding children under 12 years of age and their presence in the boutique.  Children who visit the boutique during their parents’ appointments or children who are unattended in the waiting area pose a safety issue.  We work in an environment that has sharp objects, chemicals, hot waxes and breakable items which make it a dangerous place for children.  If something were to happen to your child, it would not only be devastating to you and your family, it would be equally as devastating to me.


I encourage parents to visit my boutique without their children unless the child has an appointment.  During their appointment, children need to be able to sit still so that the tech can perform a quality service. Our insurance does not allow for unattended children in the boutique due to the potentially hazardous chemicals used during your service.  Please make other arrangements for your children on your appointment days

(We do have late nights during the week and/or early mornings. We will do our very best to accommodates our SoHo parents)


And not to mention, I personally cannot provide a good service to you when I am constantly watching out of the corner of my eye to make sure your child is not touching hot waxes or picking up any sharp objects.


Please understand that my concern is the safety of your child. I write this notice without the intent of offending, and hope that you will aid me in keeping my boutique a safe environment.  YOUR UNDERSTANDING IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.


Chee Chee