Child Safety Policy

To our Cur­rent and Future Clients of Soho Urban Wax,


I am writ­ing this notice with the utmost respect to the par­ents in our bou­tique.  I am a par­ent myself and under­stand that this can be a sen­si­tive issue.  Mov­ing for­ward, I will be imple­ment­ing a new pol­icy regard­ing chil­dren under 12 years of age and their pres­ence in the bou­tique.  Chil­dren who visit the bou­tique dur­ing their par­ents’ appoint­ments or chil­dren who are unat­tended in the wait­ing area pose a safety issue.  We work in an envi­ron­ment that has sharp objects, chem­i­cals, hot waxes and break­able items which make it a dan­ger­ous place for chil­dren.  If some­thing were to hap­pen to your child, it would not only be dev­as­tat­ing to you and your fam­ily, it would be equally as dev­as­tat­ing to me.


I encour­age par­ents to visit my bou­tique with­out their chil­dren unless the child has an appoint­ment.  Dur­ing their appoint­ment, chil­dren need to be able to sit still so that the tech can per­form a qual­ity ser­vice. Our insur­ance does not allow for unat­tended chil­dren in the bou­tique due to the poten­tially haz­ardous chem­i­cals used dur­ing your ser­vice.  Please make other arrange­ments for your chil­dren on your appoint­ment days

(We do have late nights dur­ing the week and/or early morn­ings. We will do our very best to accom­mo­dates our SoHo parents)


And not to men­tion, I per­son­ally can­not pro­vide a good ser­vice to you when I am con­stantly watch­ing out of the cor­ner of my eye to make sure your child is not touch­ing hot waxes or pick­ing up any sharp objects.


Please under­stand that my con­cern is the safety of your child. I write this notice with­out the intent of offend­ing, and hope that you will aid me in keep­ing my bou­tique a safe envi­ron­ment.  YOUR UNDERSTANDING IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.


Chee Chee