Do I need an appointment? or can I just walk in?”

Well, you can do both. I never ever turn any­one away unless your hair is too short for me to wax and if you don’t mind wait­ing for me when I am with another client:). It is bet­ter that you make an appoint­ment because I’d like to take my time with each client. I remem­ber one “walk in” client that had come in for brows ser­vice and she was used to get­ting it done fast. For the record, my aver­age brows ser­vice may takes up to 15 min and can go up to 20 min. Again it depends on the client. I don’t just wax your brows and send you on your way, there is an art to this, believe it or not! Every face is dif­fer­ent. My brows would not look good on your face, you don’t want to look sur­prised, do you? And men, lets have a nice clean trim brows that doesn’t look like mine! Hey, I can do that too, only if requested! Bot­tom line, you can’t rush perfection!

Walk in – I love to see you but if I am with a client, and you can’t wait…leave your cell num­bers with my recep­tion­ist. They will call you as soon as I am done… Promise! (I will squeeze you in that day!)