“Do I need an appointment? or can I just walk in?”

Well, you can do both. I never ever turn anyone away unless your hair is too short for me to wax and if you don’t mind waiting for me when I am with another client:). It is better that you make an appointment because I’d like to take my time with each client. I remember one “walk in” client that had come in for brows service and she was used to getting it done fast. For the record, my average brows service may takes up to 15 min and can go up to 20 min. Again it depends on the client. I don’t just wax your brows and send you on your way, there is an art to this, believe it or not! Every face is different. My brows would not look good on your face, you don’t want to look surprised, do you? And men, lets have a nice clean trim brows that doesn’t look like mine! Hey, I can do that too, only if requested! Bottom line, you can’t rush perfection!

Walk in – I love to see you but if I am with a client, and you can’t wait…leave your cell numbers with my receptionist. They will call you as soon as I am done… Promise! (I will squeeze you in that day!)