Some Soho Urban Wax & Bou­tique Fre­quently Asked Questions…

Q: Does Wax­ing hurt? A: We are not going to lie… If this is your first time, it is going to be uncom­fort­able. But the worst part for most is the antic­i­pa­tion! And once it is over and you know what it was like. It will be over before you know it.

Q: What is the Brazil­ian? A: Think no hair any­where in the pubic region. You can how­ever, request to go bare but leave a land­ing strip or tri­an­gle shape obove the vagi­nal region (which is called “playboy”)

Q: How long does it takes to do a Brazil­ian? It really depends on the the tech­ni­cian. An expe­ri­enced Tech­ni­cian should be able to do this ser­vice quick and clean! Usu­ally on the aver­age, it should not take no more than 20 minu­ites. It may take longer, if this is your first time, but the upkeep is much quicker and less painful.

Q: Will Brazil­ian wax­ing hurt? A: When it comes to the eter­nal pain, every­one has a dif­fer­ent answer to their expe­ri­ences. You should expect to expe­ri­ence some dis­com­fort; women and men that momen­tary dis­com­fort is so worth it. Hello soft, smooth skin, good bye to razor burn, ingrown hairs and of course, that lovely post shave itching!

Q: I am embar­rassed to get my pri­vates waxed! A: Well, strip­ping down to noth­ing in front of a stranger may ini­tially feel a bit awk­ward. Please keep in mind, that you are with a pro­fes­sional and we are not check­ing you out. We are not judg­ing you! You are not the only naked per­son and/or hairi­est per­son we have seen (to be hon­est, the hairier the bet­ter for us!). The whole expe­ri­ence is rather clinical.

Q: What is a Bikini? A: If you are wear­ing a bikini and there are hairs exposed out­side the bikini… only those hairs will be removed.

Q: What is a Thong Bikini? A: Thong Bikini is a removal of all the hair from the pubic region (except the labia and the crack of the butt). You are left with an inch wide land­ing strip.

Q: What is the ideal length for the hair to be waxed? A: The longer the hair the bet­ter! But the ideal length is 1/4 of an inch to allow the wax to grab the hair effec­tively. It does depend on the indi­vid­ual, but on the aver­age… it takes about two weeks to grow out.

Q: What kind of Wax does Soho Urban Wax use? A: Again, we believe in qual­ity over quan­tity. With that said, we picked two brands of waxes that are the absolute finest prod­ucts avail­able in the mar­ket. The type of waxes we use depends on three things: 1) Skin types; 2) Type of hair; 3) and on the areas of services.

For more sen­si­tive areas, (eye­brows, lips, neck­lines, bikini and under arm), we pre­fer to use the hard wax. The hard wax is pulled off with­out using a strip. The best part of this prod­uct is that it heats at a low tem­per­a­ture, is less sticky, and con­tains anti-irritants. As a result, you will enjoy a more com­fort­able wax­ing expe­ri­ence, and are left with smooth skin with less irri­ta­tion. For all other less sen­si­tive areas, we use the soft wax, which removes with a strip.

Q: Is there any­thing I can do to pre­pare for wax­ing? A: Again, if this is your first time. It is the antic­i­pa­tion that makes you ner­vous! We are always ner­vous when we don’t know… we would rec­om­mend tak­ing ibupro­fen at least 20 minu­ites prior to your appoint­ment, as long as this does not con­tra­dict with your doc­tor. Also, avoid caf­feine and alco­hol as these are stim­u­lants and can make you more sensitive.

Q: Does hair regrow thicker and darker?
A: Not pos­si­ble, this is an old wive’s tale. Over time with fre­quent wax­ing, hair regrowth weak­ens and comes in finer and thin­ner, but good fre­quency and dili­gence is requiered to achieve results. If hair dark­ens and grows in thicker, it’s a func­tion of hor­mones, not waxing !

Q: What causes ingrown hair?
A: Ingrown hairs may be the results of four factors:

1) Genet­ics — The tech­ni­cian should be con­sulted in regards to the best fol­low up care for the client. This should include some type of exfo­li­a­tion treatment.

2) Wax Spe­cial­ist — The Wax spe­cial­ist removed the strip in the incor­rect direc­tion or pulled it up instead of close to the skin, the clients hair may be more prone to ingrown problems.

3) Tight cloth­ing may result in irri­ta­tion and ingrown hairs. The client should, after 24 – 48 hours, use some type of exfo­li­at­ing prod­uct to keep the dead skin build from accu­mu­lat­ing in the areas that tend to be ingrown, i.e., bikini, upper thighs, under­arm, back of necks, calves, etc.

4) As the client con­tin­ues with wax­ing, the hair will begin to weaken and thin. This may pro­duce a tem­po­rary ten­dency for ingrown hairs. The client should con­tinue to use their exfo­li­at­ing prod­ucts and pro­ce­dures as rec­om­mended by the Wax specialist.

Q: Why is the price for the male ser­vices higher than the female? Espe­cially the Brazil­ian?
A: Hon­estly, It is a lot more work! When set­ting a charge on a ser­vice, we look at the amount to be removed and the dif­fi­culty of the removal in con­sid­er­a­tion. With that said, we rec­om­mend that you main­tain your ser­vices every four to six weeks to make the ser­vices sim­pler for us and afford­able for you.

Q: Why should I wax?
A: Waxed hair grows back smooth and fine, unlike the stub­ble that shav­ing causes. The more you wax, the hair fol­li­cle weak­ens and can even­tu­ally die, leav­ing you with less hair.

Q: Can I shave in between wax­ing appoint­ments?
A: No ! This makes the hair more resis­tant to future waxing.

Q: What if I get white pus­tules after wax­ing? What can I do to pre­vent it?
A: First of all, this does not hap­pen to every­one. (But it is expected to par­tic­u­larly to indi­vid­u­als first two or three times due to unknown trua­mas to the seba­ceous gland.) We would rec­om­mend to con­tinue to wax a few more times and this will sub­side with time. Another rea­son could be over­heat­ing wax and improper removal. Don’t worry… like we had men­tioned, this does not hap­pen to every­one but if it does… we know exactly what to do !