To All My Clients, aka ~ My lov­ing friends:


Would you believe that it has been over five years since SoHo Urban Wax opened its doors in Islip? I was so ner­vous, but excited at the same time.  Ner­vous because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to add on an addi­tional task to my main pri­or­ity; my fam­ily. Excited? I should add self­ish too? Yeah, some­thing for me? I have always been a “go get­ter”; it’s in my genes. Every­one in my fam­ily was very com­pet­i­tive.  It may be a cul­ture thing; my fam­ily has doc­tors, engi­neers, entre­pre­neurs, lawyers, accoun­tants, but no wax­ers?! I broke that mold!  Wax­ing came to me in chal­leng­ing way, I knew that there weren’t any good wax­ers and soon real­ized that I have a niche.  I knew that I just loved to wax and I knew that I couldn’t fail.  Then my boys were only 10 and 11 years old and it was very hard for me to leave them.  I knew that for me to suc­ceed at all I have to be in Islip to be close to them.  Well, at the time open­ing an exclu­sive wax­ing bou­tique was a lit­tle for­eign to the town.  Why did I say to that? Well let see. Every­one came in whis­per­ing, ner­vous, and not to men­tion hys­ter­i­cally laugh­ing.  Not sure if they were laugh­ing at me or just plain and sim­ple from “get­ting naked”


Well… since then, wax­ing has become increas­ingly pop­u­lar on Long Island. Do you know who trained me to do a Brazil­ian? ME. Do you know whom I trained on? MYSELF. Even­tu­ally I real­ized that I loved, loved, and LOVED giv­ing Brazil­ians. Loved it. Mostly because I had become very good at it in a world where peo­ple were still very reluc­tant to give and receive a Brazil­ian. My com­mon say­ing is “ Just because you have a license to do some­thing doesn’t mean that you are great at it!” My best com­pli­ment is when a new client (vir­gin Brazil­ian) would come in, ner­vous and timid, and then 15 min­utes later walk out, smooth, flaw­less, and feel­ing like Super­woman! We would laugh, we would bond and then she/he would rebook to come and see me in 4 weeks!


My ulti­mate goal was to wax until every­one under­stands that a Brazil­ian (or any wax­ing expe­ri­ence) is NOT scary, and it’s not gross and it’s not for just a cer­tain type of per­son. It’s for EVERYONE! And it’s won­der­ful! And it makes you feel great after and you can get com­fort­able with your waxer (me!) and you can eat snacks, drink wine and be sur­rounded by beau­ti­ful things and maybe buy some great skin prod­ucts or a nice can­dle. And so, SoHo Urban Wax was born. The reac­tions that I received from the clients were over­whelm­ing. Islip is really just the best place to open a small busi­ness. So many won­der­ful things have hap­pened in the 5 years since I opened.


And now SoHo Urban Wax is ready to EXPAND!  Yes, WE ARE ! As of April 2016 we are mov­ing next door to the “Islip Beauty Sup­ply”. Peo­ple have fre­quently asked me if we are a fran­chise. Nope! It’s still just me. But with the expan­sion, now I have to put together an amaz­ing wax­ing team to keep up with the qual­ity ser­vice.  And again I am still in it!  SoHo Urban Wax is my life.! I (self­ishly) can­not give up wax­ing! Most of all, the one on one con­nec­tion that I have with all my clients; it makes me so very happy.  What is bet­ter? Do what you love and love what you do…

I must wax about 5,000 Brazil­ians a year and that is not includ­ing other ser­vices! That num­ber blows my mind. It really does!




Thank you all for the last 5 years. Let’s see what the next 5 years brings!


Live, Laugh, Love~ Happy Waxing!

Chee Chee