To All My Clients, aka ~ My loving friends:


Would you believe that it has been over five years since SoHo Urban Wax opened its doors in Islip? I was so nervous, but excited at the same time.  Nervous because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to add on an additional task to my main priority; my family. Excited? I should add selfish too? Yeah, something for me? I have always been a “go getter”; it’s in my genes. Everyone in my family was very competitive.  It may be a culture thing; my family has doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants, but no waxers?! I broke that mold!  Waxing came to me in challenging way, I knew that there weren’t any good waxers and soon realized that I have a niche.  I knew that I just loved to wax and I knew that I couldn’t fail.  Then my boys were only 10 and 11 years old and it was very hard for me to leave them.  I knew that for me to succeed at all I have to be in Islip to be close to them.  Well, at the time opening an exclusive waxing boutique was a little foreign to the town.  Why did I say to that? Well let see. Everyone came in whispering, nervous, and not to mention hysterically laughing.  Not sure if they were laughing at me or just plain and simple from “getting naked”


Well… since then, waxing has become increasingly popular on Long Island. Do you know who trained me to do a Brazilian? ME. Do you know whom I trained on? MYSELF. Eventually I realized that I loved, loved, and LOVED giving Brazilians. Loved it. Mostly because I had become very good at it in a world where people were still very reluctant to give and receive a Brazilian. My common saying is “ Just because you have a license to do something doesn’t mean that you are great at it!” My best compliment is when a new client (virgin Brazilian) would come in, nervous and timid, and then 15 minutes later walk out, smooth, flawless, and feeling like Superwoman! We would laugh, we would bond and then she/he would rebook to come and see me in 4 weeks!


My ultimate goal was to wax until everyone understands that a Brazilian (or any waxing experience) is NOT scary, and it’s not gross and it’s not for just a certain type of person. It’s for EVERYONE! And it’s wonderful! And it makes you feel great after and you can get comfortable with your waxer (me!) and you can eat snacks, drink wine and be surrounded by beautiful things and maybe buy some great skin products or a nice candle. And so, SoHo Urban Wax was born. The reactions that I received from the clients were overwhelming. Islip is really just the best place to open a small business. So many wonderful things have happened in the 5 years since I opened.


And now SoHo Urban Wax is ready to EXPAND!  Yes, WE ARE ! As of April 2016 we are moving next door to the “Islip Beauty Supply”. People have frequently asked me if we are a franchise. Nope! It’s still just me. But with the expansion, now I have to put together an amazing waxing team to keep up with the quality service.  And again I am still in it!  SoHo Urban Wax is my life.! I (selfishly) cannot give up waxing! Most of all, the one on one connection that I have with all my clients; it makes me so very happy.  What is better? Do what you love and love what you do…

I must wax about 5,000 Brazilians a year and that is not including other services! That number blows my mind. It really does!




Thank you all for the last 5 years. Let’s see what the next 5 years brings!


Live, Laugh, Love~ Happy Waxing!

Chee Chee