Tip me or Tip me not…”

Wow… This is an awk­ward thing to blog about but I did promise to blog any­thing and every­thing that has been brought up and/or heard through the grapevine. Lets clear the air once and for all:)

Tips are given to show appre­ci­a­tion and it is not manda­tory. With that said, would I tip the owner? If the ser­vices were good and he/she is the per­son who is per­form­ing the ser­vices then “Yes” but if he/she is sit­ting at the counter then “No”. Again, that is my opin­ion. Please remem­ber, tip me or tip me not… you get excel­lent ser­vice either way. I appre­ci­ate and look for­ward to see­ing all my clients!